This is the busiest of months. So much goin' on!
  • Dad's birthday
  • Obtaining a Christmas tree
  • Family Christmas party
  • The elementary school's Holiday Program
  • Andrew graduating from college!!!!
  • Family coming to town
  • Christmas!
  • Our 4th wedding anniversary
  • A Sun Valley Ski resort vacation
  • Becca's birthday
  • Cousin's mission farewell

Usually, I spend a few weekend hours typing up and scheduling posts to appear automatically during the insanity that is Monday-Friday. I can get as far as two weeks ahead in a Saturday afternoon! That was until December came along. Recently, my weekends have been taken up with other obligations. So, sorry about the neglect.

But I am anxiously awaiting Christmas vacation, and the time it will provide for not only blogging...but sleeping, putting gas in my car, vacuuming pine needles from my living room, shaving my legs, and feeding my husband something other than frozen corn dogs and Little Caesar's pizza. It is definitely a time to look forward to.

Until then, here's a snapshot of just about the happiest part of life right now. Isn't it lovely?

That's another thing I'm excited for over Christmas break: staring dreamily at this tree for unreasonable lengths of time. I haven't had nearly enough of that yet. 

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