Our second Thanksgiving  celebration began with a family turkey bowl game at the high school stadium. This was Aurora's first year as a participant, and she sacked our quarterback! Not bad, eh?

We enjoyed our feast back at Grandma's house, before Utah's incredibly warm weather beckoned me outside. 

Colorful Becca and I herded the little ones outside for a snowball fight...with what little snow was left.

Utah still looked appropriately autumn-ish, while the Idaho we left behind looked like it was ready for Christmas. 

 My baby sisters. 
Aurora, look at me. 
Aria, scoot over so your face is in the sunlight. 
Belle, smile pretty, please. 
Aurora, hold still. 
Aria, stop talking for just a second. please. 
Say cheese!
Aurora, look at the camera!
Belle, will you please open your eyes?
Okay, ready?1...2...3!!!

That's basically how it went down. 

We all played with our beautiful, little cousins until the last of the snow had been scraped for Grandma's back lawn. 

I mean really. Aren't they the sweetest?

Little turkey...

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