SNAPSHOT SATURDAY--the mashed potata'

Found this picture on a blog I like to stop in on every once in awhile. C. Jane is a clever, entertaining writer from Provo, Utah. You can read her full post HERE.

But enough about her. Look at her daughter!

Little Ever Jane was granted the privilege of having her way with a blob of mashed potatoes. Who knew that smooshing potatoes in your hair could bring such pure joy? I didn't until I saw this snapshot.

But now I'm a believer.

Next time I have a bad day, I'm going to roll around in my own blob of mashed potatoes. If for anything, just to see Andrew's reaction when he happens upon me, my potato encrusted hands resting on my head, my face making that same joy-filled expression.

Let me show you Ever Jane again, just so you can picture it.
Okay, I'm finished now. Just hoping that photograph brings as much happiness to your heart, as it did to mine. Ciao.

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