THANKFUL THURSDAY-- Tie a Bow Around it


"Your life with Andrew sounds so cute I could tie a bow around it. You guys sound so happy and it sounds like you take time out to have fun – that’s good! I am SO HAPPY for you two!! It makes me smile reading all about your life I can just picture it – I’m glad you decided to change your mind [about a mission]and marry Andrew!"

This excerpt comes from an old e-mail I received from an old friend. I hadn't been trying to paint my life to sound overly sunny and rose-colored.  We were just catching up on what the other has been up to lately. I just listed the basic facts. 

But I think about her statement a lot...that image of tying a bow around my life with Andrew. We really do have a blessed life. And I bet you do too. 

It's just that sometimes, I forget...or get distracted by what's difficult, so that I can't see what's good. I need to stop existing on survival mode and really enjoy these good times. 

  • Sickeningly in love with my man
  • The good news of the Gospel
  • Jobs with regular paychecks
  • Working vehicles
  • Our cozy house
  • Health
  • Money to spend on luxuries like date nights
  • Church service
  • Education
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Freedom and peace

Yep. Cute enough to tie a bow around...top with a cherry, and eat with a spoon!

1 comment:

Katie Koivisto said...

Awww Rachel this is really sweet. I needed to hear this actually! I too get distracted by what is difficult and forget sometimes... thanks for the eye opener!

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