So, Andrew and I were making a grocery store run when we walked past the Toll House Cookie Dough display. The cart I was pushing made a sudden, involuntary halt.

"Do you dare me to buy these?" I asked.

I had to find a way to justify what I was about to do...a way to prove to myself later that it wasn't my fault the cookies were placed in the cart and paid for at the register. He dared me, after all.

Unfortunately, it didn't work as I'd hoped. I'm still trying to understand why he just laughed and walked away...leaving me to wrestle with my cravings all alone. Very unfeeling of him! But, I did what any girl would do in this situation. Or should do at least.

I dared myself. A triple doggy dare with a cherry on top!

How could I back down from a challenge like that? That's serious business!

{You're with me on this one, right?}

Well, the rest is history.
{you saw the picture}
But hopefully, I've taught all you strong-willed gals who never give into temptation an important lesson: Any sugar-calorie-butter packed disc of chocolaty goodness can be justified with a dare. It's that easy. It'll be worth every delicious bite.

I'm prayin' your husbands are more supportive than mine was on this one. Good luck.

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Kristin said...

At least Andrew just walked away. It could have been worse. As I'm playing the situation in my mind with me in your position and Holland in Andrew's, I'm pretty sure Holland would have said "No" and I'd be cookie-less.

Maybe I should test it though...

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