MEMORY MONDAY--honeymooners

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This may be the only picture I have of our honeymoon: just the two of us...officially married...riding off into the sunset...living the adult-life alone! I love that it perfectly captures the golden, happy mood of the whole trip.
{And if I remember right, this picture was actually taken by a polygamist family who happened to be on the bridge at teh same time.}

Being married to Andrew really is the best.

But after my dad saw this picture, he e-mailed me a picture of his own:

He and my step-mom...on their honeymoon...on the same bridge...at the same time of day...in the same pose.

*awkward silence*

I know, right?
The myriad of complicated emotions that surfaced for me then, all seemed to be synonymous with the word: uncomfortable at varying degrees.

Don't get me wrong. I like these guys...but...weird. Do I really need to explain myself any further here?

I'm doing my best not to let it taint our own golden glow.

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Chanelle said...

Ha ha- yeah that would bug me.

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