WEBSITE WEDNESDAY-- [framed] photo site

I can't even remember how I found it. But I'm sure glad I did! Their weekly episodes are my new guilty pleasure.

Along with Moose Tracks.
And maple bars.
And those Little Debbie chocolate swirly cakes with frosting in the middle.

But anyways...

Every Tuesday, [FRAMED] posts a 15-minute documentary-style video about a different photographer. They've hit up photographers in the Salt Lake area of various styles: film, digital, high fashion, family, children, etc. Next, they're headed to Portland, Oregon.

It's been fun to learn about what entails a photo shoot, a photography business, and the editing process. I get a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the real deal. SO cool.

If photography is your kind of thing, visit their site and take a look around. When I first found it, I spent an hour at least, getting lost in their older episodes. I dare you to do the same. Have fun!

Well, I'm gonna go now. I wonder if Andrew left me any of that ice cream...

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