Hello, blog buds!
You may remember me mentioning 
as one of my all-time favorite blogs:


I hope those of you who took my advice to have a looksy have enjoyed the glimpses into Rachel Meynder's adorable life. If you haven't had the privilege yet, go say hello!

Are you ready for the exciting news? 
I, Rachel Ashmore, was honored to contribute a guest post on this most beloved of blogs! Hooray! I spent a day with camera in hand, documenting my small-town life for a popular "Typical Tuesday" feature. It was. so. fun.

Click HERE to see for yourself! Totally worth your time, I promise.

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Mindi Blake said...

THAT IS ONE OF THE CUTEST POSTS EVER. Your photos were great, I loved your comments. Thanks so much for sharing. I love that you and Andrew read books together. Dave and I should start doing that.

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