Becca moved into our spare room. She didn't want to pay for a full semester contract when she'll be leaving in a few months for her New Jersey internship.

Look! There is Becca now...wondering why the heck I'm taking pictures when I could be helping her carry her stuff in.

After her internship, she'll takes off to grad school somewhere...or take a job in a big time publishing company on the opposite side of the country...
It's all very vexing.

But in the meantime, she's content to hang with me...staying up entirely too late watching Jane Austen movies.
I haven't been to bed on time once since her arrival.

We were cleaning house on Saturday when I came across this image of Andrew in his manly work clothes, unaware of being watched, and mopping the kitchen floor.
It makes my heart very happy.

Once he realized I was pointing a camera in his direction, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to strike this dramatic pose...with an exclamation of: "See how you make me slave away?!"

He's the most adorable kitchen slave I've ever seen.

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Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

Haha you are too cute!

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