While in New York, we saw the Broadway play, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

It starred Daniel Radcliffe...also known world-wide as Harry Potter. 

Ring any bells?

I thought it was kinda crazy that he was starring in a musical production. I mean, Harry Potter can sing and dance??
But we learned that yes, actually, he can. His singing was...acceptable. And his acting was great! But his dancing? It was TRULY impressive. Like, I-was-completely-blown-away impressive. 
Who knew Harry Potter had it in 'em?
And it wasn't til the end that I realized he has a killer American accent. 

The theater was surprisingly small...fancy and beautifully decorated...but small. As a result, it was hard to believe how CLOSE we were to Daniel Radcliffe. He was right there on the stage in front of us. 


I guess I'm not used to seeing a whole lot of  movie stars living here in Idaho, because it was very, very surreal.

I wasn't sure if musicals were Andrew's "thing."

But don't tell me he wasn't entertained! Not only was he and the audience laughing through the entire show, but every time I glanced over at him, he was leaning forward in his chair...eyes glued to the stage...mouth hanging open.

He even requested that we get tickets for another Broadway play while we were in New York. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it work with the short amount of time we had. 

After the show, a mob gathered around one of the exits hoping to catch a glimpse of the star. 
What? You can't see him? 

Don't worry. We couldn't either.

The only way we could tell he was there was when the crowd started screaming. Body guards were yelling at everyone to back up, people were scrambling up poles and fences to see better, and I was taking pictures of a sea of cameras in the air. 

We gave up on the madness and left. But not before a young kid came up from the front of the crowd in a daze. I don't think he had recovered from being the sudden possessor of a Daniel Radcliffe signature, if you can call it that. Signature...mad scribbling...either one.

He was kind enough to let me take a picture. 

Anyway, like I mentioned in a previous post, this was the undisputed favorite part of everyone's NYC trip. 


Shari said...

Reading about your trip makes me want to go back to New York. The only time I went was one day all by myself and New York City is a place that should be enjoyed with someone! I have only seen traveling Broadway plays but loved every second of all three I have been to. I am glad you were able to go!
Hope that school is going well with no drama:) My life is pretty drama free right now and it is an AmAzInG feeling- sorry to brag:) I had a pretty good laugh over your student's letter. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

How fun! But isn't that the play where he is like all naked or something in a scene? Or did I imagine that? Too bad you didn't get to get an autograph too! lol

Rachel Ashmore said...

Umm..no. This was a pretty family friendly play. I have heard about his nude acting deal...but we never would have gone to see it.

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