Our first day in New York, Andrew, Mom and I decided to attend a session in the Manhattan temple. It was at the top of our list of things to do, and Becca would be at work anyway.

After taking a subway, we walked over thirty blocks to get there. 
We figured it was worth the trek. 

It was surreal to see an LDS temple in the midst of the taxis, skyscrapers, and general chaos. And we were so excited to go inside to rest from the heat, humidity, and loud, busy city!

This is us pouting after the front-desk security guard informed us it would be closed until next week. 

We were sorely disappointed. 

The plan was to wear our church clothes that day because of the temple  in the morning and the Broadway play in the afternoon. But with no temple session to attend, we were pointlessly dressed fancy for NYC sightseeing instead. Ugh.

I though we might stand out a little bit...but I didn't realized how much until a group of guys stopped us in Central Park.
They wanted to know if we were Jehovah's Witness missionaries. 

But apparently, the Jehovah's Witnesses' worldwide church headquarters is in Brooklyn. 

I guess you could say that Watchtower is to Jehovah's Witnesses as Temple Square is to the Mormons. 

Anyway, has anyone out there actually made it inside the Manhattan Temple? Was it quiet, or could you hear the honking traffic and construction from in there? I was curious about that. 

*If you are curious about Mormon temples, you can read more about them HERE.


Katie Koivisto said...

What is it with the NYC temple? When Jyri and I went there in 2007, we too hiked the 30 blocks to be informed by the security guard that the temple would be closed for two weeks. I wonder if it was the same security guard....

Kristin said...

We went to church in the Manhattan temple. We just stayed for sacrament and then went to watch our friend run the NYC marathon. As far as I remember, it was pretty quiet.

Sidenote: I'm pretty sure we walked that far to get there too, but we found a closer subway stop when leaving.

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