This year, I wanted to have a bit of a theme for my third graders. I didn't want to give up my September sunflower door, so I thought adding bees to the mix would mesh nicely.
You may recognize the hanging beehive I made from THIS post.
The kids made their own sunflowers and wrote things that make them happy on the leaves. THIS little gal wrote: "my hores make me happy," until I made her fix the spelling.

This is the display that greeted my new students by the door...each of their names written on a cartoon bee.
FUN FACT: This phrase comes from the fact that bees actually have little sacs behind their knee to store pollen. That's where the good stuff is.

In the classroom, I added a bee themed sign above the birthday cupcakes.

And labeled the class jobs chart: Hive Helpers.

Here is where the "bee" happy bunting hangs above my desk. I made flags with scrapbook paper, color printed text, and an Internet found clip-art bee. Then, I strung ribbon through punched holes in the top corners. 
Easy peasy.

And I revamped my writing center area with bee-patterned cloth, a sunflower border, and my favorite part: beehives for each phase in the writing process. Each child has a bee clothespin with their name on it that they move according to where they are on their project.
I'll post more on this later with free downloads for my teacher followers who are interested.

I also made several variations of slips I can randomly place on desks looking especially neat and organized...a behavior I definitely want to encourage! Maybe I'll include a little treat too.
(Drones are male honeybees that forage for pollen.)

Here is a similar one I made for a simple, quiet recognition of those especially kind acts I see around the classroom.

Desk Drone certificates for Bee-themed Classroom
You're welcome to a download if you could use them too. Just print and cut into strips.
Caught Being Nice
Print, cut, and enjoy.


Katie Koivisto said...

Seriously? ADORABLE! I wish I was a third grader right now!

Andrea said...

Super cute.
Are you in YW now by chance? I keep thinking of Beehives with all those bees!

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Just found your blog via Pinterest. I love how well organized your classroom looks. I love the storage crates organized by themes. Such a good idea. :)


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