WEBSITE WEDNESDAY {jolleyonmovies}

Then you have to check out THIS site!

Let me explain why I love it:
1.) Its snarky synopses and movie reviews hold just the right mix of the profound and the cynical to keep you entertained and informed.

2.) Movies geared toward all ages and interests are included: action, sci-fi, romantic comedies, children, movie adaptations, new releases, old classics, and even TV series.
3.) Not sure if that show will be appropriate for you or your family? Find out the reasons behind those ratings.
4.) Can't find the specific show you're looking for? No worries. Click on the "requests" tab and fill in your suggestion.
5.) The site may also be run by my lil' sis. But WAIT! Don't be so fast to roll your eyes. I promise I'm not biased! This girl can write. I wouldn't post about it if I didn't sincerely think so myself.
6.) If anything, the clever writing will make you laugh out loud. It's seriously hilarious.

GO AHEAD! Browse around for your next movie rental, and give her some blog love while you're at it. Let her know where you came from too. I am SO going to be the favorite sibling after this.

P.S. You can also like the Facebook page HERE.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You are the best sister in the world. Thank you so much!

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