1) The snowman in our yard seems to illustrate this year's strange winter with one half of its body and face literally melted off. 
And at this point, I think all that remains is a carrot in the grass. 

(Boxed shower tiles ready to install in the new house)

2) We just made a list of everything left to do on the house. 
  1. stain wood ceilings
  2. fix broken window/ add trim
  3. paint prep
  4. paint indoor trim/doors
  5. kitchen beams
  6. paint walls (2 rooms down!)
  7. build/install cabinets
  8. tile shower
  9. make/ install concrete counters
  10. tile floors
  11. wood floors
  12. finish trim
  13. electrical outlets
  14. lights
  15. plumbing hardware
  16. stone on fireplace/ wood mantel
  17. appliances
  18. carpet
  19. pour concrete sidewalks
  20. build back deck
  21. build stairs to front door, back door, and in garage
  22. stone on front of house
  23. white Azek trim around outside doors and windows
  24. shake tiles 
  25. front porch columns

 It seems to go on forever. 

3) Challenging student #1 wrote apology letters to several students, as was assigned. The first two were sweet and sincere. The third one, I happened to intercept before its intended recipient read it.

Dear _________,
Chucky is coming for you. You better run! I am sorry if I got you in truble. 

Apparently, Andrew has been aware of the (more than usual) number of stressful days I've been experiencing lately. I found this in my lunch. 

4) Valentine's Day is the best. I can always count on tulips. 

One thing I wasn't counting on was Andrew's dinner plans. You can imagine my confusion when he handed me a suit and board shorts and sent me to our room alone instructing me, "Put these on and don't ask any questions." 

Believe me, I had a lot of questions. First off, did he not know it was below freezing outside? And weren't we going to go eat something? Lucky for him, I put them on and waited nervously for the okay to come out. 

Eventually, I was lead out to a beach-themed picnic with Chinese food and Martinelli's on the living room floor. Major brownie points for my man. 

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