HOUSE UPDATE {stucco and painting}

The stucco seems to change colors with the light. Direct sunlight shows it is a light brownish tan. Low light gives it a slight greenish tint. I love it. 

It will look more complete with the stone and white Azek around the doors and windows. The outside of the house has actually been like this for a month. Most of the change has been going on inside instead. 

Andrew painted the interior doors and trim a bright white. 

Here I am prepping for the master bedroom crown to be sprayed by papering off the ceiling. 

Apparently, this was a day I felt styling my hair was optional.

The wainscot looks so nice and complete with the paint. I'll post more about how to get this look later. 

While Andrew built cabinets at the shop, I spent my 3-day weekend painting walls. Here, the master bath has paint just in the corners and along the edges of trim. 

Then I rolled on my Sherwin Williams North Star. I love, love, love, this color.
The perfect blue-gray.

It also went in the guest bath.

And the dining area. It is exactly what I envisioned and more. 

This space is not finished yet. The ceiling (which I can't WAIT to share more about later), will get some white trim around the edges and white beams going across. 

I've also started the Repose Gray in the kitchen...but no pictures yet. After all this painting, my body is exhausted! Only about 3/4 of the house left to go!

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