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The plan was ceramic tile in the laundry room and both bathrooms with wood floors or carpet everywhere else. I wanted a checkerboard pattern in the laundry and nice neutrally tile in the bathrooms. 

It was a safe, reasonable plan I was comfortable with. 

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That is...until Andrew messed with it. 

So this is what happened. 

I was busy at work when Andrew called to ask if I wanted this black and white in both bathrooms too. A friend could pick up some SUPER cheap black and white ceramic tiles for us down in Utah, but I had to decide now.  

Source: houzz.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I was distracted, I was in a hurry, my mind was muddled from an entire day's worth of teacher inservice meetings...and I made a snap judgement. Andrew liked the idea and so I went with it. 

I blame him. ;)

After they were paid for, I lay in bed late one night when my eyes popped open.  

What had I done? 

Three rooms with checkerboard floors? Major overkill! Sure it was cheap, but what if we alienate potential buyers in the future, because it's too retro or trendy? 

The image of all that black and white tile haunted me until I fell into a fitful sleep.   

Then, my cousin (unknowingly) posted the very next day about her own black and white floor and how she would never do it again. 

Apparently they are hard to keep clean? Fabulous. Another strike against our decision! Ahhh!

No hard feelings, Debbie. Of course :)

But there just aren't other options at this point...unless we spend more money. So now, I seek comfort by scouring the Internet for reassurances that we can make it look awesome enough to be worth it.  

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I mean, there are some really pretty rooms out there with this tile. 

If all else fails, I'll just buy lots of area rugs.  

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debsfreckles said...

oh man, that was a bad time to post about my floors. I will have you know that I actually love my floors and I have gotten so many compliments on them. It is just hard to keep them clean because they show a lot of stuff. But it is only hard because it is in my kitchen. Having it in the laundry room and and bathroom is not hard at all. You made a good choice.

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