My current free time is spent as a regular house paintin' gangsta. I was horrified recently to find my first patch of gray hairs as I was getting ready for work. Seriously? Already?!

Then I noticed those gray hairs of mine looked suspiciously similar to Sherwin William's pussywillow gray... 
Hence the bandanna. No gray hairs for me, thank you.

Hello handsome husband of mine. 

Andrew's boss took him snowboarding under sunny skies. I bet you can't find where the gap was between his goggles and his beanie. I made fun of the resulting sunburn all week. And it was a lot brighter in person.

Andrew returned from the mountain with a fever and chills. He was out of commission for several days afterward. 

My hard workin' man can't stand being home all day alone doing nothing. I got home on day 2 to find he had found packed away Easter accessories and lined them up in the living room. After questioning him, he responded simply: 

"I decorated."

We sat in awkward silence for a moment before he said with utter sincerity: 

"Rachel, if I have to stay home for another day, I'll die." 

He was so serious, I had to laugh.

I feel kind of bad for Winter this year. All efforts to really get going just...fell flat.  I never even had a chance to get sick and tired of snow and wind and below freezing temperatures. Instead, it felt like one really long spring. 

Global warming is the bomb.

My excitement for spring may have been dampened, but nothing can ruin the joy of longer days with  more hours of sunlight. When the alarm goes off, it doesn't feel like I'm getting up in the middle of night, no headlights are needed to get to work, and I actually have some day left when I get home in the evening. Glory Alleluia! 

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