We built these shelves to put on the dining area wall. I love the shelves. 

This is my first attempt at trying to style them. Arranging a bunch of pointless knickknacks makes me feel foolish somehow...it almost looks to me like clutter.

But this is how it will stay for now. 

I made the garland over the window several years ago. 

I covered a plain, thrift store grapevine wreath with craft moss I already had on hand. 

I filled an old pickle jar with small autumn-y items.

I tried to pull off a dipped paint look on a squash I knew we'd never eat. 

And Leftover metallic leaves from the garland went in the glass bottles.

Those are the shelves.

In the kitchen, I tried for an autumn look with a mini wreath...

And stacked pumpkins...

The great room didn't get much fall decor. 

That was pretty much it, until I felt inspired on a walk with Andrew, Moose, and CC (yes, CC follows us on our walks). 

A few autumn branches in a vase was statement enough. 

Now, this display is not mine. But it was too fun not to share. This blogger was able to create an autumn theme using the Wizard of Oz as inspiration. Seriously, go check out his post for more pictures and explanations. 

That lion kills me. 

1 comment:

tina said...

Your shelves and decorations are great...I would love to see a framed picture of you and Andrew in autum leaves, or maybe Andrew making a leaf angel. Just a thought. Tina

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