MUMMY ACTION WORDS {kid's craft tutorial}

So excited to share what my third graders did last week to display in the office. 

I wanted our display to have a fun Halloween touch to it, but still be educational.

I found a tutorial on how to make garden wire mummies on Pinterest, and the rest just kind of clicked and hit me like a lightning bolt. Mummy action words!

I found the wire at K-Mart in the garden shop for about 6 bucks. We needed two packages for the whole class.

Each mummy's framework was molded into the basic outline of a man.

Then I used the cheapest Wal-Mart muslin I could find and ripped it into inch-wide strips.

With an occasional dot of hot glue, we wrapped the bodies tightly with the fabric. 

We decided our mummies needed googly eyes too.

Then the class brainstormed action words they might demonstrate with their mummies. 

Their creativity blew my mind.

They were so excited to bring in all of their props from home.

Then we arranged them in the display case for the whole school to enjoy.

And enjoy they did.

This I know because the glass doors are always covered in heavy fingerprints. 

I don't thinkmy kids will ever forget now that verbs are action words. 

Just enjoy the other examples...they were all so cute I had a hard time weeding any out!







(Hugging a sheep?)



And my favorite: escape. 

We put this mummy on top of the display case instead of inside it. :)


jennhanson78 said...

That is totally awesome! Great job!

Andrea said...

so great! I love this idea! The climb mummy is my favorite. So cute!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So Cute!! I'm sure those kids absolutely love you as a teacher- you're so creative!

tina said...

Hands down this is the best display I've seen. Those mummies are adorable. Trap is one of my favorites. Tina

Alex said...

Ha ha so cute! ;)

Anonymous said...

I adapted this idea to use in my classroom, and it was a great success!

We made a snow scene and the students wrote paragraphs based on actions that would be done in the snow. They wrote their paragraphs in past, present, and future tense as well.

This will stay up on my bulletin board for December and January.

Love it! Thanks for the great idea!

- Erica

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