No one is going to care about this post for another ten months. But here goes our holiday decor tour anyway. It was so fun to decorate a brand new house!

This is the shelf Andrew recently built for the entry way. It turned out exactly like I pictured in my head, and my man is a stud. Stockings and a wreath hung from the hooks. 

The framed Joy to the World printable was free from Angela Hardison's lovely blog

I framed last year's Christmas card.

I printed this wintery mason jar print from TWIGGSstudios.com.

Then cuttings from out Christmas tree were stuck between the frames. 

In the great room, I gussied up the mantel. Keeping the Proclamation print, I added our stocking holders, Christmas tree cuttings, and a cozy felt garland I made.

On the other end, I brought nature indoors and decorated branches with cheap-o ornaments rolled in glitter or fake snow.

I put small holiday touches randomly throughout the built-ins...

...Most of which I gathered for pennies from thrift stores. 

I already talked about our Christmas tree in greater detail here

Christmas cards from friends and family ended up strung across windows like this one. 

In the dining room, I had a family heirloom theme going on. Above the hutch I framed an old childhood picture of my mom and a photo of great grandparents. 

The back of the hutch got a touch of wintery glam with wrapping paper. 

I used double stick tape to attach the paper and then cleaned up the look with washi tape along the edges.

The chandelier was even festive with dollar store greenery, ribbon, and ornaments from my grandmother. 

And finally, the shelves. The frame with more old family photos was moved here from the mantel. Then I covered the tacky, shiny green foil around the poinsettias with burlap scraps already on hand. The Believe sign was a gift from a student, the mini sled was a thrift store find, and the wreath I made with moss and a grapevine form. Super simple. 

Well, a little overdue, but there it is. Our home at Christmas. 


markandjenny said...

So cute! Glad to see you blogging again

Jeff said...

Rachel it is all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing you've re-motivated me to finish my Christmas blog post that I've been neglecting. I would love to know how you did that garland.

Jeff said...

Ha! That's actually me, Andrea, signed in under Jeff's name apparently.

Unknown said...

I just have to say a big thank you for this Christmas entry..We have so enjoyed the few remaining lights on our way home from physical therapy thru the month of Jan. It seems tht everything Christmas just goes away so quickly.

Hives and Honey Bees said...

Very lovely!

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