PERSONALIZED PAPER DOLL MAGNETS (with dry-erase speech bubbles!)

I made a set of paper dolls for my little sisters for Christmas...each doll representing a member of the family: Dad, my step mom, the twinners, Andrew and me, Becksterooni, and Miss Aurora. 

They were drawn on heavy duty water color paper, colored in with Prismacolors, and outlined with a thin black permanent marker. In hindsight, I would have used some nice Chartpak markers for the color instead, to avoid so much texture. I was out of town at the time that I drew these, and only had the colored pencils with me. 

Then I drew speech and thought bubbles to go with each doll, laminated everything for durability, and super glued magnets to the backs. Now they can hang on the fridge or a white board.

The speech bubbles are my favorite part. They add an extra interactive element that I think the entire family can enjoy. What's great about them, is that the laminating makes it easy to change what the dolls are saying and thinking with a dry erase marker. 

 Just think of all the possibilities! So many fun ways to apply it. The Mom doll can be telling the children about their chores for the day. Andrew can whisper sweet nothings in my ear. And I can tease my dad about his fashion choices over and over again. 

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aaraomarrao said...

I love this idea Rachel!! Very very cool. Very creative and could elicit a lot of laughs. Imagine putting together kits that include blank text bubbles with markers to let kids write their own stories/scripts for different scenarios. I love that it is not electronic and encourages kids/adults to actually interact together.


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