Pretty Amazing Piano Skills

This is my cousin Heather. She's insanely talented at the piano. It comes naturally to her. I lived with her for a over a year while I was going to school at Dixie College in St. George. Whenever she practiced at home, I was torn between my awe for her playing and my depression that my skills were embarassing in comparison. In the end, I was able to get a lot of enjoyment from her music as long as I avoided...at all costs...practicing my songs in her presence .
I stole this video from my uncle Paul's facebook page. Hope he doesn't mind. =) I just figured talent like his needs to be shared as much as possible. Heather...I think you're awesome. This video makes me want to jump and shout, "You go girl!" To the rest of you...Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Wow! She is amazing!
I'll admit that I felt a little bit intimidated when I watched this, but I can't let my own pride get in the way of admiring truly increadible talent. Thanks for sharing! By the way. . . are you still teaching piano lessons?

Rachel Ashmore said...

I taught until I got my own classroom. It was fun. It is good money for the time you put into it. Teaching school takes up more than enough of my time these days though.

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