This my cousin, Kylan. I recently posted about his mission homecoming, as some of you may remember. A couple months later, here I am posting about a wedding to his darling high school sweetheart, Karyn. Hooray for love!

This is the mother of the groom holding her granddaughter Ada, at the SLC temple. Picture in your mind the coolest person you know. Got it? Okay...Now, I'm sorry to tell you this, but my Aunt Joy here, is probably cooler than whoever you were just thinking about. She is who I want to be when I grow up.

I have made it a goal to get more pictures of my mom. She usually avoids them like the plague, so it's been a bit of a challenge. Outside waiting for the happy couple to come out from the temple, I got a few while she was distracted. I think candid shots are usually the best, anyway.

For a mother at the age of 50, it is my personal opinion that she's a total babe. Anyone know of any good, Mormon, single, rich(why not?) guys in search of a wife? She deserves it.

Amidst a swirling blizzard, the new Mr. and Mrs. Brown emerge!

Apparently, Kylan is famous for his bad luck. The weather was bad enough on a wedding day. But among other things, mechanical difficulties at the temple veil delayed the wedding by about 40 minutes (who has ever heard of such a thing??) and that morning, the lady making the cake collapsed into the cake and had to be taken to the hospital! A quick replacement cake had to found instead. They were good sports about it though. Just happy to be gettin' hitched, I suppose.

That night there was a formal dinner on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

We ate dinner surrounded by full length windows. They afforded a view of falling snow and downtown Salt Lake glowing beneath us. So beautiful!

While we were in Salt Lake, it happened to be our anniversary. To celebrate, we ate at a Chinese restaurant called The Mandarin. Yes, in case you were wondering...it was very romantic.

The restaurant was still decorated for Christmas. It's hard to see all the details in this picture, because the lighting was dim, but this place was fancy! The food wasn't so bad either (quite de-lish, actually). If you're ever in Bountiful, UT, go check it out!

That's all. =)


Corrine said...

the Manderian is literally a block away from my grandmas!! :) great pictures!!

Jarmandashmar said...

That looks like so much fun! I shouldn't have laughed but I thought it was hilarious that the lady collapsed on their cake, he really does have bad luck:) haha, BTW, is she ok? :)

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