SNAPSHOT SATURDAY--All you need is love

So, this picture is from an expedition we took a few weeks ago. We drove 2 hours to nowhere in particular, got out of the car, and took a walk with camera in hand. It was lovely. 

I wanted a picture with both of us, but there wasn't anyone on hand to help out. Instead, I took one of each us on this fence and used GIMP on my computer to combine the two pictures into one. Wa-lah! We're BOTH on the fence! 

It's was my first time attempting such a feat, and pretty pleased with myself...until I noticed a few important body parts that had completely disappeared in the process. Ha! Oh well. You wouldn't have noticed unless I told you, right? And who needs hands and feet as long as you get to be with the one you love?


Michael Jolley said...

Very nice!

Have you seen the new Windows Live Photo Gallery? It makes it very, very easy to do this kind of photo fusion.

Michael Jolley said...

Here's the link:


Jodi said...

what is this GIMP you talk about? thats awesome and this is a super cool pictures? Never heard of gimp before- is it free?

Rachel Ashmore said...

GIMP is a free download that is very similar to Photoshop. Just google "GIMP" and it should come up.

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