Andrew has some pretty awesome skills in the woodworking department. Please allow me to brag shamelessly.

He just finished this nightstand for me. {cellphone pics}

He often builds beautiful furniture to fill the homes they build at work.

He invited me to the shop one evening to check out his latest projects.

Hello. This is me watching him stain...And trying not to get high on fumes...Or get sawdust on my work slacks.

Lesson learned. Don't wear black to the shop.

I was still dressed for work myself {elementary teacher, you remember}.

Here he's working on what will soon be a fancy kitchen table.

This photo was featured on the fabulous blog of Becky Higgins!! I was so honored to receive the e-mail from her. Check out the post HERE.

Continuing on with my brag-fest, this is a headboard similar to the one he made for me.

That fancy kitchen table he was working on? This is the finished product all set up in the fancy house.

This is the fancy house. It's so fun to go through and see what he's been up to.

Above where the table sits, is this ceiling that Andrew put together too. Gorgeous!

Similar to the ceiling he built in the master bedroom.

More beautiful woodwork{still a little dusty from construction}.

And the staircase.

So, anyway. My husband is a stud. But I'm finished bragging now.

For the moment, anyway.


Rach said...

SOOOOOO impressed. GO Andrew! Beautiful home, where at?

Rachel Ashmore said...

In beautiful Island Park

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Wow Rachel. His work is AMAZING!

Andrea said...

That ceiling is really beautiful!
Love your haircut!

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