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Do you remember me telling you we are building a house? Well, we are, and we are having the time of our lives dreaming and planning it into reality. 
The floor plan above {click for bigger view}is already out 
of date. Our dreams, it turns out, are a bit unrealistic 
for a first home. For example:
1.)The third car garage we were going to use for the 
work trailer will have to be replaced by a concrete pad on the 
side. No biggie though.
2.)Also, we can't afford the bonus room above the garage 
or the partial basement below. So, the stairs will have to 
go and the whole mudroom/laundry room will need to be reworked
3.)And finally, for the better, we've picked out a corner lot, so 
the garage will be flipped on the side instead of the 
front. {Hooray! This'll make the house's curb appeal go way up!}

There were some points that I insisted on as we drew up the plans:
1.)No formal dining room. What a complete waste of 
2.)A small, formal sitting room is a must to separate 
guests from the messy living areas of the house if needed.
3.) A mudroom to store all those wet snow pants and 
boots. A necessity in wintry Idaho...and with Andrew's messy career.
4.)As little glass on the master shower as possible. Less glass to clean, you see.
5.)You'll notice the built-in decorative shelves in the 
living room and breakfast nook. I love the ones in our current 
house and I'm not willing to part with them.
That is all for now...but more to come! We are currently preparing plans and paperwork to submit to the bank. 
Hopefully, this will happen in the next week or so, so 
wish us luck!


Katie Koivisto said...

I'm so jealous! I've been dreaming up our ''dream home'' for a few years now... the problem is, we don't know what country we're going to build it in (that may sound exciting, but it's actually really stressful!)

Your plans look adorable, and I love how much thought you've put into this (great idea about less glass in the shower!!!) Good luck with the bank process, and make sure you post what the outcome is!!!

Travis and Brittany said...

How fun to be building a house!!! Keep us updated! Miss you guys!

Spencer and Celeste said...

How exciting! The plans look great. Hopefully all the loan paperwork goes smoothly for you!

Dacia said...

I didn't know you guys were building. That's so awesome! I totally found your blog from Becky Higgins today. She has a picture of your husband working on her blog and it's an awesome picture! Great photography!

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