I was up early on a Saturday morning when I walked by the kitchen window and saw our tree full to the brim with fluffy little birds.

There was something about their silhouettes against the lightening horizon that captured my creative fancy...

...their feathers puffed up in an attempt at warmth in the bitter, Idaho cold.

I spent the next hour sitting cross-legged on the dining room table, aiming my camera at the pretty things.

I couldn't get enough of the ever-changing colors of the morning sky.

I did a delighted dance after capturing the light through those wings in flight. Rather dramatic don't you think?

Spring is on the rise, my friends.


Haley said...

hi there :) I saw you Typical Tuesday post over at Rachel's...loved it!

You are fantastic with a camera! that last shot with the bird's wings spanned out is breath taking! And yay for spring coming! :)

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

These are so great. I love the second to last one.

Dacia said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful photos! Love how you can see light through the wings in flight.

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