It officially feels like autumn in our neck of the woods. I run the heater in my car in the mornings and the a/c in the afternoons, leaves are are turning gold, and I keep passing trucks of freshly harvested potatoes on the highway. 

These are also harbingers of college football, Andrew's sacred hunting season, and the school district's week-long week off for spud harvest. I love spuds. If southeast Idaho was given a week off of school for harvesting bowling balls, I'd love those too.

So anyway, I had a dream the other night that was truly horrifying.

Andrew was trying to kill me. With a knife. I had to protect myself curled up beneath a couch cushion.

What spurred this, I have no clue. You Freudians out there might argue that it was an expression of repressed feelings of anger or hostility toward my man. Or that I feel I am being controlled or victimized by him in real life.

Whatever.  Anyone who knows Andrew Ashmore wouldn't believe it for a second. Just look at that face!   

Then I had to wake up and act normal around him. Ha. It's amazing how real dreams can feel sometimes. Like the time I dreamed he drove our car into the river, and then I spent the next morning angrily lecturing him on the evils of reckless driving. Poor guy.

On top of everything, this haunting images happened on the eve of his 27th birthday. Then I woke up and was all whimpery over what possessed him to attempt slashing me to pieces! I thought he loved me!

My poor husband can't catch a break. 

I guess that's my whole story. Andrew hates me and wants me dead. Have any of you had dreams so realistic they affected your emotions the next day? 


Linnie Sue said...

Oh, that happens to me all the time. Well, not dreaming that I'm being murdered by my husband, but dreams affecting me the next day. I dreamed that my brother drowned and had this haunting need to call and make sure he was ok for several days. Dreams are weird things.

Katie Koivisto said...

Ha! I once dreamt that Jyri fell into a lake after walking on the ice... with our son. That was a week long ordeal of nagging on my part.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

It feels like Autumn hear too and it's wonderful! I'm sorry about your dream. I used to have bad dreams about Nick when we were newlyweds. I would pray every night that they wouldn't come, because like you, they would affect my emotions big time the next day : (. That is a really cute picture of the two of you!

Amelia Brame said...

Totally! Sometimes I have dreams that Jon doesn't want to marry me or he is leaving me- and I'll roll away from him in the night or even kick him off the bed because I'm mad at him in my dream :)

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